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How To: Pebeo Gedeo Resins

We recently started carrying Pebeo Gedeo Resins- a very versatile product that is sure to provide inspiration. Because Pebeo is a French company the videos are in French, but they conveniently added subtitles. To find out more about Pebeo Gedeo Resins click here. Buy Pebeo Gedeo Resin here. How to Make Objects with Gedeo Color Resin How To Create A Glazed Postcard with Gedeo Glazing Resin

RENDR™ No Show Thru Paper!

Get the most out of your sketchbook! With Crescent's No Show Thru Paper there is no limit to the media you can use! Watch the video below to see it for yourself. At Art & Frame of Sarasota (and our website ) we carry the sketchbooks in sizes 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 as well as the 40in x 5yd roll . The video below shows how artist Billy Tokyo uses his RENDR™ sketchbook with everything from spray paint to Krink markers to Dr. Ph Martin's inks to create vibrant drawings on both sides of each sheet. Let us know what you think by commenting on this post!

Holbein Vernet Oil Colors 30% off Everyday!

Have you tried the NEW Holbein Vernet Oil Colors? If not, now is the time! At Art & Frame of Sarasota and our website they are 30% off Everyday! If you have tried the New Holbein Vernet Oils let us know what you think by commenting on this post! Read more about Holbein Vernet Oils here!

Beautiful Contour Drawings with Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

We have done a couple posts on Montana Acrylic Paint Markers, but this video will give you a bit more insight into just what they can do. In the video Artist Steffen Seeger uses the 50mm Montana Acrylic Paint Marker in Black to create beautiful, expressive contour drawings while demonstrating an interesting technique for creating circles. One thing is for sure--it couldn't hurt to bring a Montana Acrylic Paint Marker to your next live drawing session. See more of Steffen Seeger's drawings on his website. Learn more about Montana Acrylic Paint Markers. Step-by-step instructions for refilling your Montana Acrylic Paint Marker. Purchase Montana Acrylic Paint Markers here.

The Perfect Gift for the Artist in Your Life!

Trying to find the perfect gift for the artist in your life? There are tons of products out there and every artist has their own personal favorites, so don't stress--just get them a gift card! Art & Frame of Sarasota Gift Cards can be used at the store or online! And you can buy them in store or online! Buy a Gift Card today!

Holiday Sale Dec 7th-15th!

Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Plexiglass

Take a look at this interesting technique - Prismacolor expert Diana Garrett demonstrates how to use Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Plexiglass. She paints the back of the plexi with gold paint to create an interesting encaustic look, but it might be nice in a light box or with a piece of handmade paper mounted to the back. Find Prismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencils here.

How Pencils Are Made

We just found this great video from Faber-Castell. It highlights the manufacturing process of graphite pencils- from the mining of the graphite to packaging! 

Studio Safety for Oil Painters

Check out our first YouTube video!

Weekly Specials: Nov 26th- Dec 1st!

On Sale This Week! Escoda Brushe s- 50% off list! Da Vinci Artist Paints - 50% off list! Black Ink Handmade Papers - 40% off list!

Upcoming Events

Follow the links below to find out about some upcoming events in Sarasota! December 1st: The Petticoat Painters 59th Anniversary Exhibit Visit the Petticoat Painters website December 8-9th: 7th Annual Atomic Holiday Bazaar Indie Craft Show Visit the Atomic Holiday Bazaar website

New Product Alert: Holbein Vernet Superior Oils

Holbein Vernet Superior Oil Color combines modern technology with the finest pigments. The line, made up of 40 traditional colors, utilizes pure single pigments and the finest quality refined linseed oil. Because pure single pigments are used they produce clean, non-muddy results when mixed. Vernet Oil Colors also offer superior adhesion, tinting strength, durability, smooth texture and excellent lightfast ratings with high chroma, transparency and pigment density. With strong, beautiful and stable colors; Vernet offers the modern oil painter the most advanced and highest quality oil color range ever produced. Each Vernet Oil Color is packed with pigments making them concentrated enough that a 20ml tube goes a long way! Find Vernet Superior Oil Colors here! See the Vernet Color Chart here!

New Product Alert: Krink K-60 Paint Markers

Krink's K-60 Paint Markers feature a valve action nib and squeezable body to provide incredible flow control of premium Krink ink. Krink ink is opaque, pigmented, permanent and quick drying. With a broad, round tip the marker provides smooth, consistent coverage to large areas. The squeezable paint marker can be used on most surfaces. K-60 Markers come in the following colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Light Pink, Light Green, Light Blue, Silver, Copper, Gold, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Green, and Metallic Blue. Handmade in the USA. Xylene free. Conforms to ASTM D-4236 Find Krink K-60 Squeezable Markers here!

Ampersand Scratchbord on Ink Master

Recently Ampersand got the opportunity to create custom Scratchbords for Spike TV's show Ink Master. For the show Ampersand created 10, 7ftx7ft Scratchbord panels supported with 2in deep cradle frames. They are the largest custom-built scratchboards ever created in the history of Ampersand --and they glow under blacklight! Ampersand says, For the flash challenge, competitors teamed up in pairs to create huge wall-size 7ftx7ft scratchboard drawings. The drawings were then critiqued and judged under black light, quickly exposing each and every tiny flaw. The main criteria, gradation technique or the artist's skill at shading, was used to determine a winner for the challenge. Watch the video below to see the flash challenge for yourself! SPIKE Flash Challenge: Gradation Spike Full Episodes Spike Video Clips Spike on Facebook Want to try Ampersand Scratchbord for yourself? Find it here!

Learn to Create Beautiful Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper!

Don't Forget! Call to sign up now! On November 29th and 30th from 10-4pm we are holding a Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper workshop with Carol Ann Sherman. My Girl Mollie Ann by Carol Ann Sherman The fee, which includes select materials is just $130 (a $50 savings) for 2 days! A new and interesting take on batik, Carol Ann will work on paper to demonstrate this versatile and unique medium. If you've ever been interested in batik or if you're interested in trying something new, Carol Ann is the teacher for you! See more of Carol Ann's work here. Call to sign up today! 941-366-2301 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A SNEAK PEAK  OF CAROL ANN SHERMAN'S  BATIK ON RICE PAPER WORKSHOP   JOIN US WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH FROM 3-5 PM FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION. SIGN UP TODAY! SPACE IS LIMITED! 941-366-2301

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be closing at 3pm on Wednesday, November 21st and we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22nd! We hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Weekly Specials: November 19-24th!

On Sale This Week Fredrix Canvas - 50% off list! Itoya Portfolios - 40% off list! Speedball Silkscreen & Block Printing Supplies - 30% off list! Did you know you can make your own stamps with Speedball block printing supplies ?  Watch the video below to see how it's done! All you need are a few tools and your design!   Tools:  a block for carving , a carving tool ,  ink , and your design!

A Fun & Simple Way to Create Your Own Fabric Design!

Find Jacquard Discharge Paste here.

We Carry Pebeo Gedeo Resin!

Gedeo Glazing Resin on Post Cards Pebeo Gedeo Resin is a two-part resin used for molding and creating dimensional art pieces for decor, inclusion and effects. It dries after 24 hours to a shiny, hard and non-yellowing finish. Because it is strong and durable it is great for molding decorative pieces like frames, borders and table settings. It is also ideal for creating jewelry, pendants, hair clips, decorative embellishments and more!  It comes in Crystal, Color, and Pearl varieties.  Gedeo Color Resin in Lapis Gedeo Pearl Resin in Gold We also carry the Gedeo Glazing Resin which creates a transparent, hard finish on paper, cards, photos, cardboard, canvas, wood inclusions and more! Just like the other resins it dries in 24 hours to a shiny, hard, non-yellowing finish. Use it to create magnifying effects on canvas, to add dimension to flat surfaces, and to secure found objects and small items to flat surfaces. On flat surfaces, the resin levels itself out to for

New Low Price on Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper Workshop!

On November 29th and 30th from 10-4pm we are holding a Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper workshop with Carol Ann Sherman. My Girl Mollie Ann by Carol Ann Sherman The fee, which includes select materials is just $130 (a $50 savings) for 2 days! A new and interesting take on batik, Carol Ann will work on paper to demonstrate this versatile and unique medium. If you've ever been interested in batik or if you're interested in trying something new, Carol Ann is the teacher for you! See more of Carol Ann's work here . Call to sign up today! 941-366-2301 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A SNEAK PEAK  OF CAROL ANN SHERMAN'S  BATIK ON RICE PAPER WORKSHOP   JOIN US WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH FROM 3-5 PM FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION. SIGN UP TODAY! SPACE IS LIMITED! 941-366-2301

We Carry Montana Black Dye Ink Markers!

The Montana Black Dye Ink Marker is filled with 20ml of low-viscosity alcohol based, permanent and UV resistant dye ink. Delivered through the marker's felt tip by a refillable pump valve system, the ink can be applied to almost any surface! Each marker is available in the following sizes: 8mm Round, 10mm Chisel, and 15mm Standard. At Art & Frame of Sarasota we carry the marker in Silver, Magenta, Yellow, Violet, Cyan, and Green! Black, Blue, and Red colors are also available as well as ink refills and replacement nibs-- ask at the register to order! *Available in store only! (they are highly flammable and we do not ship them)*

Have You Tried: Gamblin Art Sketching Oils?

Gamblin Art Sketching Oils are made in the traditional manner, like in the studios of the Old Masters, where student oil colors were made by removing half the colored pigments and replacing them with marble dust (aka calcium carbonate). Because colored pigments are the only expensive ingredient of oil paints, the only way to make oil colors more affordable is to take out a portion of the colored pigments. Made to accommodate students who need inexpensive yet clean and workable oils, Gamblin Art Sketching Oils are made from the same pure colored pigments that are used to make Gamblin Artist Colors . Gamblin uses exactly half the same pure colored pigments and extends them with high quality colorless pigments like calcium carbonate. Then they add driers because extenders slow the natural drying time of linseed oil and students want their paintings to dry quickly. Though extenders are used, no chemical additives such as anti-skinning agents or rheological agents are used. When student

Weekly Specials: November 12-17th!

On Sale This Week! Ampersand Artist Panels - 50% off list! Jacquard Paints & Pigments - 30% off list! Princeton Catalyst Brushes, Blades & Wedges - 40% off list!

Ampersand Aquabord an Alternative to Cold Press

Have you tried Ampersand Aquabord? Ampersand ™ Aquabord ™ is a unique alternative to traditional watercolor paper. Aquabord is made using a hardboard panel and is coated with a textured clay surface that absorbs watercolors like fine paper. In fact, the acid-free panel simulates the absorbency and texture of cold pressed watercolor paper. Unlike traditional watercolor paper it will not tear, shrink or buckle even if you use a lot of water. Because it is so durable you can glaze and lift as many times as you need without damaging the surface. You can even lift colors after they are dry. Aquabord is great for watercolors and gouache as well as casein and acrylics. To present your finished piece without glass, seal your work with a spray fixative (Ampersand recommends using Krylon UV Archival varnishes). And it's made in the USA! Click here to read one Aquabord artists experience!

Fun things to do this weekend!

The Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society Exhibit Reception When: November 9th, (tonight) from 5-7pm. Where: Venice Art Center, 390 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice Donation: 10$ For more information visit their website ArtSlam 2012 Festival When: November 10th Where: Bradenton's Riverwalk For more information visit their website Noise Ordinance 3 When: November 10th, from 1pm-midnight Where: Cock & Bull Pub What: see over 30 local bands performing all original music Who: all ages, kids 12 and under FREE! Price: $10 For a list of the bands and a show schedule visit their website If we have missed anything let us know by commenting on this post!

Check This Out: Ampersand Encausticbord!

Ampersand™ Encausticbord™ is the only surface formulated for the specific demands of encaustic painting and mixed media. Encaustic gesso is applied to a hardbord surface to create a bright, smooth and velvety surface that is ready to use with encaustic paints. The gesso, or ground, is heat resistant and highly absorbent . It holds tight to layers of wax and collage without the fear of cracking or separation. Use with encaustic paint alone or in combination with collage, image transfers or oil sticks to create a variety of textures, colors, and patterns- or try it with water-based paints, inks and pencils! Encausticbord comes in 4 different thickness'- 1/4", 7/8", 1 1/2", and 2 1/8". Ampersand also makes Claybord, Aquabord, Gessobord, Scratchbord, Pastelbord, Hardbord, and Artist Panels. You can find them all here.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops at Art Center Sarasota

For more information contact the Art Center Sarasota at 941-365-2032! The Now: A Class in Advanced Concepts in Visual Art Teacher: Kevin Costello Dates & Hours: Wed, November 14-December 19, 2012, from 1:00pm-4:00pm Description: This class is for individuals who want to explore the "why" of art as well as the "how" of visual techniques. The relationship between cultural literacy and art is a constant: this class, of idea driven two and three dimensional projects underscores the relationship between contemporary art and the broader cultural climate in which we live. The outcome of this workshop is to enrich a participant's understanding of the philosophy of art and the new studio technology supporting it. Students will draw, paint, construct and more, in this thought-provoking class for the mind and the hand. All skill levels welcome. For more information view the flyer here. Printmaking from a Gelatin Plate Teacher: Cheryl Martin Dates

Weekly Specials: November 5th-10th!

On Sale This Week! Loew-Cornell Paint Brushes - 50% off list!* Fluid Watercolor Blocks - 50% off list!** ArtBin Storage Solutions - 50% off list! * We recently added two new lines of Loew-Cornell paint brushes to the store! Loew-Cornell Halcyon brushes  feature Triple-Synthetic Sable filament for a superior point and flexibility. The synthetic sable filament holds a greater amount of paint, ink or water. They are similar to sable brushes but are more economical. Loew-Cornell Soft Comfort Handle brushes  are made with synthetic red Taklon bristles that are ideal for use with all types of paint. The brushes have a wider handle and a soft grip to make painting more comfortable. Similar to Simply Simmons brushes they are all economically priced between $2.99 and $3.99 list! **Fluid Watercolor Blocks contain 15 sheets of acid-free, archival 140lb cold press watercolor paper and come in a variety of sizes. Each sheet is glued on two edges to keep your paper from

Call for Videos!

Do you make videos of your art making process?  Would you like to see them on our blog? If you make videos of your art making process and would like to share them, please send them to and we will post them on our blog (as long as they are appropriate).  When you send in your video, please include a list of the art products you use in the video.

Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

A video by one our customers Benny Angene Thank you Benny!

New Weekly Classes with Elena De La Ville!

Searching a mixed media piece by Elena De La Ville If you're interested in mixed media, Elena De La Ville is the instructor for you! Her studio work involves mixing photography, digital, silver based and alternative processes with wax, encaustic medium and pigments. Starting November 7th, she will be at Art & Frame every Wednesday afternoon to teach you the endless possibilities that mixed media applications have to offer. In addition to the many techniques you will learn, she will also have presentations on contemporary issues and practices relevant in today's art world. When: Wednesdays from 3:15 to 5:15pm (starting Nov. 7th) NO CLASS NOV. 21st! Fee: $30 each or $120 for 5 (The classes will run in 5 week sessions. Sign up for 1 class or sign up for all 5!) To sign up email Elena at Week 1: Working with papers, glues and adhesives (Fine Art papers and found or hand made papers). Cutting, tearing and layering. Week 2: Incorporating

Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper with Carol Ann Sherman

Due to the overwhelming response, we're hosting a 2-day Batik workshop with Carol Ann Sherman on November 29th & 30th! A new and interesting take on batik, Carol Ann will work on paper to demonstrate this versatile and unique medium. If you've ever been interested in batik or if you're interested in trying something new, Carol Ann is the teacher for you! When: Thursday, November 29th & Friday, November 30th from 10am to 4pm Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota Fee: $180 (includes complimentary breakfast, catered lunch & select materials) See more of Carol Ann's work here . For reservations call 941-366-2301!

Holiday Workshops!

Announcing our Holiday Workshops! Handmade Cards with Betty Brett Are you looking to send a holiday card this season that is handmade, unique and an original work of art made just by you? If so, let paper crafting expert Betty Brett, show you how to make handmade holiday cards. She'll teach you how to work with a variety of handmade papers and Copic markers to create the perfect sentiment for your loved ones. Date: Saturday, November 24th from 10-4pm Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota Fee: $65 Hand Painted Glassware- Wine Glasses & More! with Paddy Dugan Join Paddy Dugan, award-winning artist, as she teaches you to create a beautiful set of hand painted wine glasses. Use them as a gift or take them home to enjoy! When you're finished the glassware will be microwave and dishware safe. You'll learn start to finish techniques including sketching design layouts, pattern transfer techniques, adding decorative borders and special detail effects. Addit

Caran D'Ache Supracolor Watersoluble Pencils

Supracolor Soft Watercolor Pencils are soft and creamy, in fact, they have the same texture as a 6B pencil. The 3.8mm cores are made using more pure color pigments, resulting in bright colors, excellent lightfastness, and superior blending. The bold, highly pigmented colors allow for excellent surface coverage, meaning that they are very economical and perfect for large surface artwork. Supracolor watersoluble colored pencils are relatively permanent when dry so you can create overlays of color without worrying that your piece will become muddy. Use a fixative on finished artwork to preserve the color and protect it from oily hands, moisture, mildew and dirt. Tips & Ideas: Use to create fabric designs for clothes, quilts and tapestries. Just apply to wet fabric, wait for piece to dry, then heat set with an iron. Use to create your own take-along palette. Just draw a patch of each color on a separate piece of paper. Apply a wet brush and you can use the drawn color to paint w

Gamblin Artist Paints

Below is a beautiful video from Gamblin Artist Colors about their passion for oil paints--even if you do not use the Gamblin Artist Colors brand the video is sure to provide inspiration for your next piece! If you work in oils or are thinking about starting to work in oils you must watch this video!!! Find Gamblin Artist Oil paints here. Tell us what you think about the video, the Gamblin Artist Colors brand, or oil paints in general by commenting below. (click the link that says "No Comments" below to add your own comment!)

Weekly Specials: October 22nd-27th!

On Sale This Week! Williamsburg Oil Paint - 40% off  list! Faber-Castell - 50% off list! Black Ink Papers - 40% off list!

Check This Out!

Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive & Discharge Paste! Find out how to print light colors on dark fabrics! Watch the video below! Even if you're not into screen printing you should watch this video--you can apply discharge paste with a brush or a stamp too!

Events Next Week!

Don't forget! We have some exciting events coming up next week! On Monday, October 22nd, artist Don Colley will be joining us to talk about Faber-Castell products. If you have ever wondered why we have a whole wall dedicated to their products sign up for the demo to find out why! Don't forget to call 941-366-2301 to sign up! Then on October 24-26th we are having a workshop with watercolor artist Carol Ann Sherman. You can come to one day, two days, or three days! Carol Ann will be demonstrating how to work with watercolors on  Yupo synthetic paper! For more details on both of these events click here--  !

Weekly Specials: October 15-20th!

On Sale This Week! Ready Made Frames - 40% off list! Princeton Brushes - 50% off list! (check out the video below to see Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes in action!) Holbein Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oils - 50% off list!

You're Invited!

Announcing! The Grand Opening of the Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex at the Englewood Art Center!  Join us at Englewood Art Center's Open House from 11-4pm for a day of learning and fun! Don't forget to check out the Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex located inside the Englewood Art Center! Tour the Art & Frame of Sarasota Annex & the Englewood Art Center Learn about new products Watch Instructor Demonstrations See Exhibitions Do Art Activites--fun for all ages! When: Saturday, October 13th, from 11-4pm Where: The Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex located at the Englewood Art Center! Address: 350 South McCall Road Englewood, FL 34223

Carol Ann Sherman Workshop UPDATE!

Artist, Carol Ann Sherman will be coming to Art & Frame of Sarasota October 24th, 25th, & 26th (from 10-4pm) to teach a workshop on painting with Watercolors on Yupo paper. You can sign up for Day 1 ($95.00), Day 1 & 2 ($180.00), or all 3 Days ($265). If you sign up for the workshop you will receive a $50 gift bag from Art & Frame of Sarasota! Day one - Carol Ann will concentrate on introducing the class to the unique way watercolor paint and Yupo paper interact. Students will learn the skills needed to create a successful painting, including drawing techniques that will help prepare them for the next day of the workshop. Day two - Plan out your painting--choose your subject (bring in an image or use one that Carol Ann will provide) and use a grid to transfer your image to your painting surface (Yupo paper!). Day three - Complete your painting. A critique will be held at the end of the day for students to gain perspective on their work and to enforce les

Weekly Specials: October 8-13th!

On Sale This Week! Ready Made Frames - 40% off list! DaVinci Watercolor, Fluid Acrylics & Oil Colors - 50% off list! Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids - 30% off list!

All About Varnish

Q: Should you always varnish your painting? A: It's a personal choice, however, there are some good reasons to varnish your painting--watch the video below to find out why? Q: What is the proper way to varnish a painting? A: There are a few different ways, depending upon the varnish you use and they way it is applied (via spray or brush). Watch the videos below to see some of the differences. Golden Archival MSA Spray Varnish Gamblin Gamvar Picture Varnish & Cold Wax Medium

Illest 7th Annual Illustration Show Friday Night!

When: Friday October 12, 2012, 7:30 to 11pm Venue: Exhibition Hall             Ringling College of Art and Design             2700 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34234 Free Admission  with semi-formal dress Check out the Facebook page:

Brush Care & Maintenance

While Painting: When using your brush try to move the hairs in their natural direction. Do not let your brush sit in liquid for long periods of time, especially not while resting it on its hairs. Try not to let paint get into the ferrule of the brush (often metal, this tool keeps the hairs in place on the handle). Paint is hard to remove from this area and may cause the ferrule to swell altering the shape and springiness of the hairs. Do not let paint dry in your brush. Brushes left this way are often completely ruined, however, some brushes can be brought back with a good cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. Try to keep the liquid in your water container below the ferrule of the brush. Excess moisture can cause the wooden handle to swell (cracking and peeling the paint) and loosen the ferrule. When Cleaning: Make sure to clean your brushes directly after painting. Remove excess paint with a paper towel or paint rag. Water-based paints can be easily removed with war

Pictures from the Florida Watercolor Show!

Artist, Carol Ann Sherman with Robert Meet Carol Ann Sherman in person and learn her techniques for painting watercolors on Yupo paper at her workshop held here at Art & Frame from October 24-26th! For more information on this workshop and for a list of other events click here ! To see Carol Ann's work click here ! Artist, Nicholas Simmons with Robert  Popular watercolor artist, Nicholas Simmons uses Escoda artist brushes exclusively and even put his name on two Escoda brush sets! Check them out here ! Check out his work here ! Artist, Taylor Ikin with our Loew-Cornell, Global, & Faber-Castell Representative Mike Grecian You may have met our Rep Mike Grecian at our March Madness event, at our Escoda Brush Making Demo, or even at a Carol Ann Sherman Workshop. Here he is photographed with local watercolor artist, Taylor Ikin. Check out her work here !

Classes at The Artista in ME!

Have you heard of The Artista in ME Visual & Performing Arts School? Located on the corner of Beneva & Fruitville , they have a variety of classes for both children and adults focusing on theatre, dance, art and music! It's just $50.00 a month for weekly classes ! Find a list of their classes here!

FYI: How to refill Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

Click the link below to find out: How to refill Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

More on Catalyst Silicone Blades & Wedges

So versatile! I posted this video earlier... Now check out what you can do with ceramics.... In this video, Andrea Horyn, the owner of Bughouse Studios demonstrates how using Catalyst Blades & Wedges makes ceramics a little easier with exciting textures and easy clean up! Now check out what you can do with encaustics... In this video, artist Jenny Learner, demonstrates how to use Catalyst Blades to create interesting monoprints with encaustics! We want to hear what you think about Princeton Catalyst Blades & Wedges....let us know by commenting on this post!

Looking for a Class?

Check out this class at the Art Center Sarasota! When: 6 Weeks-- Tuesdays, October 2- November 6, 2012              9:30am-12:30pm Fee: $190/$220 Where: Art Center ( for more information contact Elizabeth Hillmann at, visit or call Art Center Sarasota at 941-365-2032 ) What: The Figure in Color--A 6 week drawing course that will focus on dry materials such as pastel, charcoal and Conte' on a variety of papers. Student will draw from "live models situated in simple background environments to help students in the understanding of composition and to work on artwork that can later be framed." Who: The class is taught by Larry Forgard, a native of Chicago, Illinois. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. He later taught at Ringling College of Art and Design, here in Sarasota, Florida. This class requires a 10 person minimum and the deadline for enrollment is fast appro

Check This Out: Neocolor II Watersoluble Pastels

Incredibly Versatile! Neocolor II watersoluble artist pastels are designed with artists, illustrators and designers in mind. The highly pigmented crayons have excellent surface coverage, in fact, one pastel will cover 17 sheets of letter size paper. They also feature very good lightfastness and excellent opacity. The watersoluble crayons are very versatile and can even be sharpened like a pencil. They can be used for various techniques, including, but not limited to sgraffito, watercolor, textile, silk screening, encaustic, and frottage (rubbings). They can also be used for industrial applications such as pattern making and marking metal, glass, leather or plastic (Neocolor II can be wiped off some surfaces with a moist towel). Sgraffito- Apply several layers of color and scratch through to reveal the underlying color. Be sure to layer dark colors over light colors. Watercolor- Great for mixed media pieces, Neocolor II can be used as an under shadow for watercolor, dry past

Weekly Specials: September 24-29th!

On Sale This Week Fredrix Stretched Canvas - 50% off list! Loew-Cornell - 50% off list! AD Marker Travel Pack of 12 Markers with Tri-Nib Points - Now $30.00! (was $49.99)

Escoda Artist Brushes!

We held an Escoda Brush Making demo on Thursday and we want to share what we learned! The Escoda family has been making artist brushes--by hand--since 1933 and Ricard Escoda was gracious enough to show us how it is done! We learned a lot about different kinds of hairs that are used to make brushes and about the history of the company! Read below to learn more about the Escoda brushes we carry! Prado Tame Gold Fiber brushes are made with synthetic fibers that are very similar to sable hair. The synthetic fibers imitate the properties (color, spring, and the ability to absorb liquids) that artists look for in a sable brush. Escoda takes this similarity even further by using a combination of three different diameters and three lengths of fibers to create a brush with the same brushstroke result as one made with natural sable hair. Opera Takatsu Fiber brushes are made with synthetic hair that is tough, yet soft to create a good brushstroke for works in oil and acrylic. Modern

Sun Prints with Dye Na Flow!

Let me introduce you to Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow , an exciting, versatile medium that you have probably passed in the store a million times! Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing, highly pigmented, liquid acrylic paint which produces very transparent , bold colors . It is also highly lightfast ! It is made for use with any untreated fabric , both natural and synthetic, however, it can be used on any absorbent surface like gesso, wood, and concrete , as well as nonabsorbent surfaces like Yupo synthetic paper and Mylar (aka Dura-Lar) . As always, please do a test on your chosen material before you begin your project.  The fluid acrylic spreads through fabric until is it thoroughly absorbed and even and it will not alter the feel of silk or cotton fabric. Heat set with a dry iron or set with Jacquard Airfix (commonly used in productions runs). It is washable once set. Dye-Na-Flow can be used for a variety of techniques like: spray-on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing, the salt t

Carol Ann Sherman Workshop: Watercolor & Yupo

On October 24th , award winning watercolorist, Carol Ann Sherman , is coming back to Art & Frame of Sarasota for a 3-day workshop !  You will receive $50 of free art supplies when you sign up and come to 1, 2 or all 3 days of Carol Ann Sherman Yupo Workshop. ( you will receive your gift at the workshop) Carol Ann Sherman is an artist from South Florida who teaches watercolor on Yupo, traditional watercolor, batik on rice paper and drawing. Her work is characterized by strong compositions, bold line quality, and a vibrant layering of color on color and tone on tone. Best Foot Forward by Carol Ann Sherman For this workshop, Carol Ann will be working with Watercolor & Yupo Paper! When: October 24-26th, from 10-4pm Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota Price:  You can sign up for day one, day one and two, or for all three days! (corrected 10-04-12) One Day - $95   Two Days - $180   Three Days - $265 (Includes complimentary breakfast & lunch) Space is limited. C