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Paint Clouds & Waves Watercolor Workshop with Dave Graybill

Saturday March 30, 2024 $70 10:30 am to 3:00 pm 30 minute lunch. Bring food & drinks. Learn to paint beautiful, expressive clouds. You'll learn all the techniques required to create beautiful cumulus clouds,  storm clouds, as well as creating an abstract sky.  A wet on wet technique that is certain to bring out your creativity and imagination.  In addition you will learn construction and anatomy of the most popular boats.  You will be given a worksheet to take home with you.   This workshop is for students of all levels that are interested in taking their work to the next level. Come join us for a wonderful opportunity to learn from a great teacher and professional artist. Dave will demonstrate his technique and help you as you paint your very own masterpiece. You are encouraged to bring your own supplies ( Bring extra paper for practice ). No supplies? No problem. Dave will loan you a set of paints, brushes and paper on a first come first serve basis, because supplies are lim