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POWERCOLOR PAINTING - Caroline Jasper  3 Day Workshop   January 12-14, 2015         Demo January 11, 2014 Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida Register: 941-365-2032 or Email:  Hands-on workshop Levels: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Medium used: Oil, Acrylic, Water-Soluble Oils, or any opaque other media (Content applies to any subject.) Materials list provided upon registration. How far can you go in days? This workshop will change the way you see/think/paint. Progress to more powerful paintings. Color communicates! Make it work for you and say "good-bye" to muddy colors forever. Dare to try unfamiliar ways to think about and work with color, including Caroline Jasper's way of painting on red canvas. Awaken the emotive psychological power of color in your work with advanced visual color-interactions. Following the first day's concentration on color, each day brings another new focus and new paintings. Strategies for

Introducing Speedball Akua Printing Inks

Akua inks are professional quality , water-based inks created by two printmakers, Susan Rostow and William Jung.   Rostow & Jung were motivated to create safe, fume free inks when they decided to bring a baby into their marriage and their New York city live-in studio.  Susan and William began looking for a water-based printmaking ink.  They discovered that the few water-based inks available dried too quickly and were not of professional quality. At that time there was not a single water-based ink on the market that was specifically made for wiping an intaglio plate or working a monotype plate with a long open time. They recognized that there was a growing demand from artists who wanted to make high quality prints without compromising their health, so they decided to develop their own water-based ink. They ended up creating two lines of ink; Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio. The full line is now available at Art & Frame of Sarasota!