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Paper Marbling with Jacquard

In the video below, artist Asher Katz , demonstrates how he uses Methocel or Carrageenan and Alum to create a marble effect on paper!

Screen Printing for Fine Lines & Details

The photo emulsion process is perfect for graphic and detailed works. It is the best method for screen printing digital images. Watch the video below from Speedball to see for step-by-step directions! Find Speedball Photo Emulsion and Sensitizer here. Below you will find two alternative methods to the Photo Emulsion method. Both use Screen Filler and Drawing Fluid instead of Photo Emulsion. The Screen Filler method involves a more organic process, it is great for painterly or hand-drawn prints. Find Speedball Screen Filler and Drawing Fluid here.

We Carry Escoda Prado Travel Brushes!

Escoda Prado Synthetic Sable Travel Brush We now carry Escoda's Prado Synthetic Sable Travel Brushes - a more cost effective way to experience Escoda's Travel Brushes! Escoda Prado Synthetic Sable Travel Brush Set Prado Synthetic Sable Brushes are made with synthetic fibers that are very similar to sable hair. The synthetic fibers imitate the properties (color, spring, and the ability to absorb liquids) that artists look for in a sable brush. Escoda takes this similarity even further by using a combination of three different diameters and three lengths of fibers to create a brush with the same brushstroke result as one made with natural sable hair. The travel brushes come with a cap that extends the handle for convenient use. These beautiful brushes are perfect for anyone who likes to work outside their home or studio. Find Escoda Travel Brushes here! Learn more about Escoda brushes by watching the video below!

Patterned Monograms

This informative video combines lettering with patterning using Microns and Gelly Roll pens!

Golden OPEN Acrylics

Have you tried Golden OPEN Acrylics? OPEN Acrylics stay wetter longer on the palette than traditional acrylics. Watch the video below to see how they react after one week on a palette!

Quick Tips for Encaustics!

A few quick videos about Encaustic wax paint!

Using Jacquard Color Magnet and Tie Dye!

In this video, Jacquard combines Screen Printing and Tie Dye techniques with their new product Color Magnet to create custom tote bags! If you prefer not to screen print, you can also paint, draw (with the Color Magnet pen), stencil and stamp with Color Magnet! Find the tools to recreate this project with the links below! Screen Printing Tools Jacquard Tie Dye Kits Soda Ash Color Magnet!  (it comes in a pen version too!)

Check This Out: Faber-Castell White Pitt Pen!

We carry the new Faber-Castell White Pitt Pen! The Big Artist Pen features a bullet nib and opaque white India ink. The odorless ink is permanent and archival. The White Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen is perfect for fine art and craft applications. Artist, Don Colley, uses them to add highlights to his Pitt Pen drawings. Watch the video below to see how they can be used by crafters! Watch the video below to see how Don Colley uses Pitt Artist Pens!

How to Protect Your Paintings for Shipment!

Watch the video below from Golden Paints to found out how!