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New Weekly Classes with Elena De La Ville!

Searching a mixed media piece by Elena De La Ville If you're interested in mixed media, Elena De La Ville is the instructor for you! Her studio work involves mixing photography, digital, silver based and alternative processes with wax, encaustic medium and pigments. Starting November 7th, she will be at Art & Frame every Wednesday afternoon to teach you the endless possibilities that mixed media applications have to offer. In addition to the many techniques you will learn, she will also have presentations on contemporary issues and practices relevant in today's art world. When: Wednesdays from 3:15 to 5:15pm (starting Nov. 7th) NO CLASS NOV. 21st! Fee: $30 each or $120 for 5 (The classes will run in 5 week sessions. Sign up for 1 class or sign up for all 5!) To sign up email Elena at Week 1: Working with papers, glues and adhesives (Fine Art papers and found or hand made papers). Cutting, tearing and layering. Week 2: Incorporating

Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper with Carol Ann Sherman

Due to the overwhelming response, we're hosting a 2-day Batik workshop with Carol Ann Sherman on November 29th & 30th! A new and interesting take on batik, Carol Ann will work on paper to demonstrate this versatile and unique medium. If you've ever been interested in batik or if you're interested in trying something new, Carol Ann is the teacher for you! When: Thursday, November 29th & Friday, November 30th from 10am to 4pm Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota Fee: $180 (includes complimentary breakfast, catered lunch & select materials) See more of Carol Ann's work here . For reservations call 941-366-2301!

Holiday Workshops!

Announcing our Holiday Workshops! Handmade Cards with Betty Brett Are you looking to send a holiday card this season that is handmade, unique and an original work of art made just by you? If so, let paper crafting expert Betty Brett, show you how to make handmade holiday cards. She'll teach you how to work with a variety of handmade papers and Copic markers to create the perfect sentiment for your loved ones. Date: Saturday, November 24th from 10-4pm Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota Fee: $65 Hand Painted Glassware- Wine Glasses & More! with Paddy Dugan Join Paddy Dugan, award-winning artist, as she teaches you to create a beautiful set of hand painted wine glasses. Use them as a gift or take them home to enjoy! When you're finished the glassware will be microwave and dishware safe. You'll learn start to finish techniques including sketching design layouts, pattern transfer techniques, adding decorative borders and special detail effects. Addit

Caran D'Ache Supracolor Watersoluble Pencils

Supracolor Soft Watercolor Pencils are soft and creamy, in fact, they have the same texture as a 6B pencil. The 3.8mm cores are made using more pure color pigments, resulting in bright colors, excellent lightfastness, and superior blending. The bold, highly pigmented colors allow for excellent surface coverage, meaning that they are very economical and perfect for large surface artwork. Supracolor watersoluble colored pencils are relatively permanent when dry so you can create overlays of color without worrying that your piece will become muddy. Use a fixative on finished artwork to preserve the color and protect it from oily hands, moisture, mildew and dirt. Tips & Ideas: Use to create fabric designs for clothes, quilts and tapestries. Just apply to wet fabric, wait for piece to dry, then heat set with an iron. Use to create your own take-along palette. Just draw a patch of each color on a separate piece of paper. Apply a wet brush and you can use the drawn color to paint w

Gamblin Artist Paints

Below is a beautiful video from Gamblin Artist Colors about their passion for oil paints--even if you do not use the Gamblin Artist Colors brand the video is sure to provide inspiration for your next piece! If you work in oils or are thinking about starting to work in oils you must watch this video!!! Find Gamblin Artist Oil paints here. Tell us what you think about the video, the Gamblin Artist Colors brand, or oil paints in general by commenting below. (click the link that says "No Comments" below to add your own comment!)

Weekly Specials: October 22nd-27th!

On Sale This Week! Williamsburg Oil Paint - 40% off  list! Faber-Castell - 50% off list! Black Ink Papers - 40% off list!

Check This Out!

Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive & Discharge Paste! Find out how to print light colors on dark fabrics! Watch the video below! Even if you're not into screen printing you should watch this video--you can apply discharge paste with a brush or a stamp too!

Events Next Week!

Don't forget! We have some exciting events coming up next week! On Monday, October 22nd, artist Don Colley will be joining us to talk about Faber-Castell products. If you have ever wondered why we have a whole wall dedicated to their products sign up for the demo to find out why! Don't forget to call 941-366-2301 to sign up! Then on October 24-26th we are having a workshop with watercolor artist Carol Ann Sherman. You can come to one day, two days, or three days! Carol Ann will be demonstrating how to work with watercolors on  Yupo synthetic paper! For more details on both of these events click here--  !

Weekly Specials: October 15-20th!

On Sale This Week! Ready Made Frames - 40% off list! Princeton Brushes - 50% off list! (check out the video below to see Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes in action!) Holbein Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oils - 50% off list!

You're Invited!

Announcing! The Grand Opening of the Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex at the Englewood Art Center!  Join us at Englewood Art Center's Open House from 11-4pm for a day of learning and fun! Don't forget to check out the Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex located inside the Englewood Art Center! Tour the Art & Frame of Sarasota Annex & the Englewood Art Center Learn about new products Watch Instructor Demonstrations See Exhibitions Do Art Activites--fun for all ages! When: Saturday, October 13th, from 11-4pm Where: The Art & Frame of Sarasota-Annex located at the Englewood Art Center! Address: 350 South McCall Road Englewood, FL 34223

Carol Ann Sherman Workshop UPDATE!

Artist, Carol Ann Sherman will be coming to Art & Frame of Sarasota October 24th, 25th, & 26th (from 10-4pm) to teach a workshop on painting with Watercolors on Yupo paper. You can sign up for Day 1 ($95.00), Day 1 & 2 ($180.00), or all 3 Days ($265). If you sign up for the workshop you will receive a $50 gift bag from Art & Frame of Sarasota! Day one - Carol Ann will concentrate on introducing the class to the unique way watercolor paint and Yupo paper interact. Students will learn the skills needed to create a successful painting, including drawing techniques that will help prepare them for the next day of the workshop. Day two - Plan out your painting--choose your subject (bring in an image or use one that Carol Ann will provide) and use a grid to transfer your image to your painting surface (Yupo paper!). Day three - Complete your painting. A critique will be held at the end of the day for students to gain perspective on their work and to enforce les

Weekly Specials: October 8-13th!

On Sale This Week! Ready Made Frames - 40% off list! DaVinci Watercolor, Fluid Acrylics & Oil Colors - 50% off list! Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids - 30% off list!

All About Varnish

Q: Should you always varnish your painting? A: It's a personal choice, however, there are some good reasons to varnish your painting--watch the video below to find out why? Q: What is the proper way to varnish a painting? A: There are a few different ways, depending upon the varnish you use and they way it is applied (via spray or brush). Watch the videos below to see some of the differences. Golden Archival MSA Spray Varnish Gamblin Gamvar Picture Varnish & Cold Wax Medium

Illest 7th Annual Illustration Show Friday Night!

When: Friday October 12, 2012, 7:30 to 11pm Venue: Exhibition Hall             Ringling College of Art and Design             2700 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34234 Free Admission  with semi-formal dress Check out the Facebook page:

Brush Care & Maintenance

While Painting: When using your brush try to move the hairs in their natural direction. Do not let your brush sit in liquid for long periods of time, especially not while resting it on its hairs. Try not to let paint get into the ferrule of the brush (often metal, this tool keeps the hairs in place on the handle). Paint is hard to remove from this area and may cause the ferrule to swell altering the shape and springiness of the hairs. Do not let paint dry in your brush. Brushes left this way are often completely ruined, however, some brushes can be brought back with a good cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. Try to keep the liquid in your water container below the ferrule of the brush. Excess moisture can cause the wooden handle to swell (cracking and peeling the paint) and loosen the ferrule. When Cleaning: Make sure to clean your brushes directly after painting. Remove excess paint with a paper towel or paint rag. Water-based paints can be easily removed with war

Pictures from the Florida Watercolor Show!

Artist, Carol Ann Sherman with Robert Meet Carol Ann Sherman in person and learn her techniques for painting watercolors on Yupo paper at her workshop held here at Art & Frame from October 24-26th! For more information on this workshop and for a list of other events click here ! To see Carol Ann's work click here ! Artist, Nicholas Simmons with Robert  Popular watercolor artist, Nicholas Simmons uses Escoda artist brushes exclusively and even put his name on two Escoda brush sets! Check them out here ! Check out his work here ! Artist, Taylor Ikin with our Loew-Cornell, Global, & Faber-Castell Representative Mike Grecian You may have met our Rep Mike Grecian at our March Madness event, at our Escoda Brush Making Demo, or even at a Carol Ann Sherman Workshop. Here he is photographed with local watercolor artist, Taylor Ikin. Check out her work here !

Classes at The Artista in ME!

Have you heard of The Artista in ME Visual & Performing Arts School? Located on the corner of Beneva & Fruitville , they have a variety of classes for both children and adults focusing on theatre, dance, art and music! It's just $50.00 a month for weekly classes ! Find a list of their classes here!

FYI: How to refill Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

Click the link below to find out: How to refill Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

More on Catalyst Silicone Blades & Wedges

So versatile! I posted this video earlier... Now check out what you can do with ceramics.... In this video, Andrea Horyn, the owner of Bughouse Studios demonstrates how using Catalyst Blades & Wedges makes ceramics a little easier with exciting textures and easy clean up! Now check out what you can do with encaustics... In this video, artist Jenny Learner, demonstrates how to use Catalyst Blades to create interesting monoprints with encaustics! We want to hear what you think about Princeton Catalyst Blades & Wedges....let us know by commenting on this post!