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POWERCOLOR PAINTING - Caroline Jasper  3 Day Workshop   January 12-14, 2015         Demo January 11, 2014 Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida Register: 941-365-2032 or Email:  Hands-on workshop Levels: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Medium used: Oil, Acrylic, Water-Soluble Oils, or any opaque other media (Content applies to any subject.) Materials list provided upon registration. How far can you go in days? This workshop will change the way you see/think/paint. Progress to more powerful paintings. Color communicates! Make it work for you and say "good-bye" to muddy colors forever. Dare to try unfamiliar ways to think about and work with color, including Caroline Jasper's way of painting on red canvas. Awaken the emotive psychological power of color in your work with advanced visual color-interactions. Following the first day's concentration on color, each day brings another new focus and new paintings. Strategies for

Introducing Speedball Akua Printing Inks

Akua inks are professional quality , water-based inks created by two printmakers, Susan Rostow and William Jung.   Rostow & Jung were motivated to create safe, fume free inks when they decided to bring a baby into their marriage and their New York city live-in studio.  Susan and William began looking for a water-based printmaking ink.  They discovered that the few water-based inks available dried too quickly and were not of professional quality. At that time there was not a single water-based ink on the market that was specifically made for wiping an intaglio plate or working a monotype plate with a long open time. They recognized that there was a growing demand from artists who wanted to make high quality prints without compromising their health, so they decided to develop their own water-based ink. They ended up creating two lines of ink; Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio. The full line is now available at Art & Frame of Sarasota!

Science & Art Together. A Great Combination!

Customer highlight: Starla Ewan has been teaching for more than 31 years and brings a rich background of experience ranging from coaching, athletic training, all levels of Biology, college instruction of Anatomy, and years of on-site medical observation. She has been presenting successful teaching methods with teachers during conferences and staff development workshops for over 15 years. The success of Starla's teaching strategies and increased student understanding of difficult material through the use of  hands-on activities  and teaching tricks has led her to share with teachers, massage therapists, and medical personnel nationwide. She currently teaches at Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center in Lubbock, Texas in their Health Science Program. She teaches a high level of Anatomy and Physiology to students all across the district. If you would like to contact Starla about lessons from the modules or to arrange for her to conduct a dynamic workshop for your sch

Attention All Card Artists!

Strathmore is looking for fresh spring and summer themed greeting card art. Start working on your artwork now for a chance to WIN! Here are the specs: Artwork may be featured on promotional materials or on social media sites. Strathmore will be selecting 3 featured artists from our spring/summer card artwork submissions to receive the below: 1st place - Awarded $500, plus $200 retail value of Strathmore® card products (chosen by Strathmore Artist Papers). 2nd place - Awarded $250, plus $100 retail value of Strathmore® card products (chosen by Strathmore Artist Papers). 3rd place - Awarded $100, plus $50 retail value of Strathmore® card products (chosen by Strathmore Artist Papers). Artist(s) selected will be credited by name wherever artwork is featured (social media sites or Strathmore promotional materials). Anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit artwork. Style and mediums used on cards are up to the artist.  - The theme or subject matter should focus on spring an

Jack Richeson Gessoed Hardboard

Jack Richeson’s Premium and Toned Premium boards are quite simply the best panels (Gray, White, Brown) The surface on the white boards is rigid and brought to an eggshell finish. For working on studies and plein air there is simply no better substrate. At first I regarded the panel to be a little to absorbent, but once past my initial block in, it was extremely responsive to every brush stroke. Quite frankly there is no other panel I would paint on. In addition to the superb quality of these panels, the cost is something to really brag about. In comparison to other high quality boards, the Richeson panels take the prize being one of the most affordable solutions on the market. Cat’s Skull by Eli Minaya, 8x10 oil on Richeson Gessoed White panel. Swing by Art and Frame of Sarasota and take a look at the variety of sizes and tones Jack Richeson can offer you with these panels.

Jack Richeson Baby Press

Recently Eli Minaya demonstrated his new Jack Richeson Baby Press at Art & Frame of Sarasota   Printmaking has been an interest just out of reach for years due to lack of access to a press. Well, things are different now, the Jack Richeson Baby Press is the answer. So let’s talk press specs.... Click here  to share the experience.

Ready for our next community show?

Art & Frame of Sarasota announces a call to artists for a juried art exhibition. Receiving: Monday August 11, 2014 11am-7:30pm We are seeking original art works, created in the last 12 months that reflects our theme of:  " All Things Florida" Jurors: Elaine Charney & Brenda Hadjian Over $500 in awards & prizes.  Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & awards of merit.   This Show is open to all artists including amateurs, professionals, and students. All Artwork will be shown here in the Hall Gallery at Saba Plaza. All art is accepted and hung. Any work on paper, canvas, collages, drawings, paintings, photography, prints, watercolors, and 3-dimensional art work. No work can exceed 48"x 60" or weigh more than 20 pounds. Your art must be ready to hang on standard picture hooks. Please make sure that your hanging system is secure. No string, tape or flimsy frames. Please contact our framing department with any questions. Maximum two pieces of art

Pentel Brush Pen

Our resident pen enthusiast and all over art supply lover Eli Minaya says: What’s there to say about the Pentel Brush Pen that hasn't already been said?  It’s awesome.  Go buy one at Art and Frame of Sarasota. Go. Now. Okey, fine, you don’t know me from Tom, so let’s get into it. The above statements are absolutely true, so I’ll tell you why. Actually, I’ll show you first. This brush pen sports nylon bristles that respond like extremely high end brushes. They have wonderful snap and bristle memory. My personal Pentel Brush has been one of my favorite tools for 6 years. In fact, it is the same brush pen I've used and refilled over and over again. It still comes to a needle point. The ink that is packaged with it is supremely black and cool. It is permanent and flexible ink in that you can get juicy strokes as well as ragged textured strokes. The Pentel Brush Pen is an amazing everyday tool as well as go-to solution for working with a brush. Come in to Art and Fr

PanPastels are HERE!

PanPastels by Colorfin is a  new way to create with pastel color! These deeply pigmented, ultra soft, light-fast, low dust, erasable pastels mix, layer and apply like paint. They come packed in pans so artists can easily lift, blend and apply pastel color. The clear round disc package protects the colors, keeping them separate and clean, and interlocks securely together for storage and transport. Sofft® Tools:  Draw, paint & blend in a whole new way! They are suitable to use with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces and conventional fixatives. They allow for maximum control and can be used for boldly or delicately. The Sofft range is a new generation of tools and applicators for artists, created by artists for artists. Sofft Tools were specifically developed for use with PanPastels™, and can also be used with most water-based art  to create a variety of exciting new techniques, marks and effects.  Brush strokes are eliminated when using  Sofft® Tools

Introducing QoR Watercolors

Modern Watercolors. The unique formulation of QoR Watercolors accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying. QoR provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint. Choose from 83 high-intensity colors, including three Iridescent colors. The addition of QoR Mediums and Grounds can increase gloss, improve flow or wetting and provide different textured surfaces, to expand the creative opportunities in watercolor painting. Click here to view QoR Watercolor Video While watercolors may be one of the oldest mediums known to artists, there are new things to discover and learn about them every day. Golden endeavors to stay on top of, if not lead, the dialog concerning art conservation, environmental protection, health and safe handling of art materials. 

Escoda’s Versatil brushes have arrived!

Escoda Versatil brush holds an impressive point, has an above average snap and has some of the best water retention I've seen on a synthetic brush. Using this brush with watercolor was the highlight of this experience. The brush simply feels strong. Every stroke goes down with deftness. I never felt the point would fray or jitter without my say-so. When leaning on it to get juicy strokes, the snap and responsiveness was really at its best. Click here to read more from Art & Frame of Sarasota employee Eli Minaya.           

Summer Art Gallery

Art & Frame of Sarasota third Community Art Show juried art exhibition  at Art & Frame of Sarasota,"Hall Gallery" was a great success! People, Places or Things will be showing now until July 31st during business hours.  Monday 9-8, Tuesday-Friday 9-6 & Saturday 9-5 Bring a friend walk around and enjoy the experience .

Summer Community Art Show

Art & Frame of Sarasota announces a call to artists for our third Community Art Show juried art exhibition at Art & Frame of Sarasota,"Hall Gallery"    People, Places or Things Over $500 in awards & prizes Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & awards of merit Opening Reception:Friday, June 13th  - 7:00pm Artwork will be received on: Monday, June 9th, between 11:00am - 7:30pm at  Art & Frame of Sarasota. Please enter from the back parking lot off Bahia Vista Street This Palette is open to all artists including amateurs, professionals, and students.  We are seeking original art works, created in the last 12 months that reflects our theme of:  People, Places or Things Any work on paper, canvas, collages, drawings, paintings, photography, prints, watercolors, and 3-dimensional art work.  No work can exceed 48"x 60" or weigh more than 20 pounds. Your art must be ready to hang on standard picture hooks.  Please mak

Bix Mannion

Teacher: Bix Mannion   Portrait Painting for Beginners - Four Wenesdays - $100 for series or $25.00 per session   9:30am-12:30pm  May, 7, 14, 21 & 28th Call to register today-Space is limited.   941-366-2301 Art & Frame of Sarasota 1055 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34236 Course Description : Bix is convinced that he can teach anyone to paint a portrait.  This class will be fun and enlightening.  Student may be surprised how well they do!  Working from photograph, students will initially focus on their drawing, before moving into color,.  Students will gain confidence in their ability to paint a portrait by employing some basic drawing skill as they move toward their  finished painting. Bix is a contemporary impressionist painter who focuses on the portrait, the figure and its relationship to its environment.  Bix has studied privately and academically in the United States and abroad.  He has received instruction and guidance from likes of Everett R

Lucy Barber Workshop

Lucy Barber Get Started Painting with a Loose Brush Saturday, January 18, 2014 10am-4pm.  Cost $85.00 This painting workshop is about seeing color, building composition and breathing life into a painting. Carefully observing color in still life set-ups, students place "spots" of color in loose patches of paint. Then we will begin to "draw" with paint by mapping out proportions in the composition.  Through one-on-one demonstrations, discussions and in -studio practice, students will experience a sense of creative play, will be inventive, and have fun in the process.  Beginning and experienced painters are welcome; a working knowledge of drawing, color and oil paints is helpful. Lucy Barber has taught a variety of painting, drawing and color classes at Ringling College of Art & Design, Pratt Institute, international School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, Bowdoin College and The College of William and Mary, as well as workshops and private instruction.