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Check This Out: Neocolor II Watersoluble Pastels

Incredibly Versatile!

Neocolor II watersoluble artist pastels are designed with artists, illustrators and designers in mind. The highly pigmented crayons have excellent surface coverage, in fact, one pastel will cover 17 sheets of letter size paper. They also feature very good lightfastness and excellent opacity. The watersoluble crayons are very versatile and can even be sharpened like a pencil. They can be used for various techniques, including, but not limited to sgraffito, watercolor, textile, silk screening, encaustic, and frottage (rubbings). They can also be used for industrial applications such as pattern making and marking metal, glass, leather or plastic (Neocolor II can be wiped off some surfaces with a moist towel).

Sgraffito- Apply several layers of color and scratch through to reveal the underlying color. Be sure to layer dark colors over light colors.

Watercolor- Great for mixed media pieces, Neocolor II can be used as an under shadow for watercolor, dry pastel and color pencil to enhance detail and definition.

Textile- Apply to wet fabric and heat set with an iron (don't forget to use a barrier cloth to protect your iron) to design textile patterns, quilts, and tapestries.

Silk Screening- Draw on your screen with Neocolor II and then pull a Colorless Extender screen ink through the screen. The pastels will appear on your surface. The extender makes Neocolor II permanent on most surfaces, but be sure to do a test.

Encaustic- Because they are wax-based, Neocolor II can be used as an encaustic. Just heat and apply to your surface! (the crayon will keep its geometrical shape up to 113F).

Frottage (Rubbing)- Use like a traditional crayon to create rubbings from a textured surface (like a coin, badge, leaf, etc.).

Note- Though they are labeled with the AP seal and approved for use in schools, they are not approved for use on skin! Because they are watersoluble they are easy to clean with soap and water.


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