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Carol Ann Sherman Workshop: Watercolor & Yupo

On October 24th, award winning watercolorist, Carol Ann Sherman, is coming back to Art & Frame of Sarasota for a 3-day workshop!  You will receive $50 of free art supplies when you sign up and come to 1, 2 or all 3 days of Carol Ann Sherman Yupo Workshop. ( you will receive your gift at the workshop)

Carol Ann Sherman is an artist from South Florida who teaches watercolor on Yupo, traditional watercolor, batik on rice paper and drawing. Her work is characterized by strong compositions, bold line quality, and a vibrant layering of color on color and tone on tone.

Best Foot Forward by Carol Ann Sherman

For this workshop, Carol Ann will be working with Watercolor & Yupo Paper!

When: October 24-26th, from 10-4pm
Where: Art & Frame of Sarasota
Price: You can sign up for day one, day one and two, or for all three days! (corrected 10-04-12)
One Day-$95 Two Days- $180 Three Days- $265 (Includes complimentary breakfast & lunch)

Space is limited. Call now to sign up: 941-366-2301

About Yupo Synthetic Paper:

The bright white, slick surface of the paper creates an interesting effect with translucent watercolors. Because the paper is waterproof, water evaporates into the air instead of soaking into the paper. The pigments do not soak in either, but sit on top of the paper. Colors pop on the bright white surface. Watercolor paints move easily on the smooth, slick surface and interesting textures form as the water evaporates. Because the color sits on top of the surface you can easily wipe away unwanted sections of your painting and start again with a fresh surface. Unlike traditional watercolor paper, YUPO paper requires no soaking, stretching, or taping flat!


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