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New Class at the Southern Atelier

Join Mary Minifie February 22-24th from 9:30-4pm as she explores The Classic Still Life.

floral still life
by Mary Minifie
The Southern Atelier explains:

The aim of this workshop is to explore several aspects necessary to produce a good painting. The workshop will run for three days with 2 three hour sessions each day. At least one still life will be floral and one non-floral so students can choose what best suits their interests. The aim is to have a fairly finished painting in the size range of 11"x14" or 16"x20" by the end of the workshop.

COMPOSITION: The still lifes will already be set up in the interest of time, but we will discuss the ideas of color families, value contrasts, variety of size, color and value in the choice of objects. We will also discuss the abstraction of the value shapes and how they are arranged in the rectangle of the canvas.

COLOR NOTES: A lot of emphasis will be placed on observing the color notes in relation to each other. So much of the beauty of the painting is in the color and it is especially important to learn to observe the color correctly at outset of the painting.

EDGES: There are many edges from whisper soft to razor sharp and we will discuss how to see them, when to use them and how to make each kind of edge with the brush.

LIGHT EFFECT: A good painting should have a strong sense of light. We will discuss the visual order that is needed to create a sense of light, the lost and foundness involved in that order, the practice of "squinting" to find the lostness. We will also discuss color chroma, or intensity, in relation to light, and how to understand and mix seemingly difficult or unnamable colors.

Students are welcome to bring other paintings for a short critique on the third day.
Tuition $435

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