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Weekly Specials July 16th-21st!

On Sale This Week!

Attention Painters! You do not want to miss this sale---from acrylics and oils to watercolors----we've got you covered! Don't forget to pick up some canvas or a handy watercolor block*!

Holbein Artist Paints- 50% off list!

Fredrix Pre-Stretched Canvas- 50% off list!

Fluid Watercolor Blocks- 40% off list!

Canson Hardbound Sketchbook 8.5x11- just $8.00!

*A block of watercolor paper is very handy--the block holds your paper securely, keeping your paper from buckling or wrinkling when wet! Removing the paper from the block is simple, just use a palette knife to release the glue.


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Join us for a fun and interesting conversation with Scott Stevenson, Sales Representative for DANIEL SMITH Manufacturing
Have questions about Quinacridone pigments? Wonder where the color Serpentine comes from? How does the color Moonglow gets its name or how does DANIEL SMITH test pigments for lightfastness?
What’s granulation? This is a great opportunity to ask questions in a conversational and relaxed atmosphere.  The presentation will start off with the history of DANIEL SMITH Manufacturing and the many aspects of developing DANIEL SMITH products. You will see firsthand lab paint outs, minerals used to manufacture colors in the PrimaTek line and more.
The finale...the exciting opportunity to sample a selection of our colors and put paint to paper!!! 
This is a FREE demo Tuesday April 9, 2019
10:00 am-12:00 pm
2:00  pm -4:00 pm
♦Limited Seating♦
Call: 941-366-2301 to sign up now!