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Tie Dye With A Friend!

You don't have to be a kid to Tie Dye!

This Jacquard video shows a skilled tie-dyer working her magic with Jacquard Procion MX Dyes. She starts with basic patterns such as the centered spiral and rainbow arch and works her way up to more intricate designs that will make you want to experiment and have a tie-dye party.  The three colors used are Lemon Yellow, Turquoise and Magenta (the same colors in the Jacquard Funky Tie Dye Kit #9444). These primary colors mix together to create secondary colors Orange & Purple. The dyes were squirted on the tee shirts with a plastic bottle. (Black was also added on some designs). Remember you don't have to be a kid to act like one! Get in the groove and Tie Dye today! You can purchase the kits on our website or at our store!

Project Supplies:
Plastic Squirt Bottles
Rubber bands
Tee shirts (White)
Procion Dye
Soda Ash dye fixer


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